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Hey! I'm a Dallas-based voiceover artist. Outside of lending my voice to help others tell their story, I also enjoy creating videos. And makeup. Lots of makeup. So, a few years back, I decided to combine the two in an attempt to justify my obsession, and voila! I'm also a beauty YouTuber. In my free time, I love to hang out with my dog (the handsome face you saw on the home page), travel, and eat BBQ. Well, who am I kidding, I enjoy eating everything. 

Thanks for taking a spin around my site! If you're interested in learning more about what I do, or have a project you think I would be a great fit for, drop me a line at contact@dailybaileyb.com


Featured Projects


I've worked with Ibotta on multiple TV and internet ads. Most recently, we worked together on an upbeat spot promoting Ibotta's cash-back benefits as users shop online or in-store for the holidays. 

To see more of my commercial work, click here

Fit52 Voice Assistant Demo


To keep the users of Carrie Underwood's Fitness App, Fit52 encouraged and motivated throughout their workout, I provided an informative, yet energetic, and approachable voice for the voice assistant role.


To promote their hair tools, and provide education on use, Revlon created a series of videos for their YouTube channel that needed a voiceover to fill the role of confident demonstrator in a way that matched the brand energy. 

The result was a VO that sounded confident, but natural, and engaging.

Dying for Sex Demo


To help tell Molly's story of her journey through stage IV breast cancer, and the following series of sexual adventures she pursues to feel alive, I worked with Wondery in their podcast Dying for Sex to lend my voice to Molly's blog posts and text messages to add an introspective complement to the dialogue between the two hosts, Molly and Nikki. 


When launching their newest app Yahoo! Together, I had the opportunity to lend my voice to multiple videos designed to drive awareness of the launch to prospective users, and provide an overview of use in the app store. 

During a live session via conference line, we worked together to create a voice that was conversational, energetic, and believable. 


Giant needed a voice to promote their new Grab-and-Go Meals across regional TV and radio, so we worked together to create a feminine, endearing soccer mom feel that reflects the upbeat tone of the videos. 

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